What you should know


  • Accommodation is serviced daily.
  • The camp is maintained and kept clean.
  • There are washing and tumble drying facilities available.
  • Fish are cleaned and filleted for you. Please remember to bring your own plastic bags for packaging purposes.
  • Boats and jet skis are washed and are looked after during the change of tides.
  • A night guard is on duty to watch over the boats and jet skis.

If you are taking your own boat, please supply the camp manager with10L of unleaded petrol for every week you stay. He will use this fuel to run between the camp and your mooring to wash, refuel and rig your boat on a daily basis.


  • Your own food, liquor and refreshments – including drinking water.
  • Basic things can be bought in Santa Maria town like potatoes, onions, tomatoes, Poa bread –(local Portuguese bread), canned food, limited alcohol. Our manager, Nelson, can take clients there in the small boat. It is +-5km from the camp.
  • Water in the camp is safe to drink and the purifying system has been upgraded.
  • Charcoal for the braai. A limited amount of wood will be supplied, but not to make bonfires and Ice @ R40p pack can be purchased at camp.
  • Towels, both beach and bath.
  • All your personal toiletries, including bath soap. Remember to pack sunscreen.
  • Medical aid kit and your medication.
  • Toilet paper and toilet spray.
  • Mosquito repellant and Doom. REMEMBER: There are mosquitoes and we are in a malaria area. Speak to your doctor about anti-malaria tablets.
  • Cleaning products for kitchen/ bathrooms, including dish cloths/cleaning cloths.
  • Hand wash and top-loader washing powder for personal laundry.
  • Double adaptors for the plugs.


  • The sticker with a yellow triangle on a blue background must be attached at the back right and front right of motor vehicles and trailers.
  • Yellow reflective jackets for the motor vehicle driver is required by law in Mozambique, as are 2 x red triangles.
  • Fuel – You should refuel at Kwankwanazi before entering through the Ponta/ Kosi Bay border post.
  • Refuel in Maputo before leaving for Camp Carlos with your boat.
  • Make sure you have your motor vehicle registration papers or permission from the owner of vehicle if the vehicle is not yours.
  • Passports – visas are not required for SA Citizens.

Remember all the essential papers for your boat or Jet-ski.

Most importantly: Patience and a good sense of humour


Friendly & Helpful Staff.

Please consider our recommended tip of R500 – R1000 per unit for exceptional service.


Access for vehicles to the camp.

Parking is available at R30 per vehicle per day where Santos picks you up with the rubber duck to take you to the camp. Alternatively it is a pleasant 15 minute walk.

There are no shops so make sure you are full stocked up!


Bemugu (Bemji) hires dhows @ +- R2000pd.

Telephone number: +258 84 2480047. Search him on Facebook for Bemugu’s place/p>

He has a restaurant that is walking distance from Camp Carlos.

Laurens Koen runs fishing charters or charters from Maputo and back.

Telephone nuber: +258 84 339 2910 or fish@gozoazul.com.

Ricardo Fernandes will deliver drinks etc to the Camp.

Call him in advance on +258 84 398 1339 or datamaster@tvcabo.co.mz with your order. He has a price list. Pay him directly! He can also assist with fishing licences and boat paperwork.

EMERGENCY SERVICES:Bernie 084 309 3810 (helicopter)